Mr. Abernathy
Mr. Abernathy
*prev. Teacher at The Gates Academy
* unnamed girlfriend
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2010 (Season 1)
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Mr. Abernathy was Andie Bates's history teacher at The Gates Academy. He lived in an apartment in Franklin Park.

Season OneEdit

He was also the robber that stole a lot of things from the residents, and in doing so learned a few of their secrets. He was also a qualified computer science teacher who studied The Gates burgulary alarm security system during his time in study hall for six months (another teacher already was teaching computer science). He was able to either shutdown or cause numerous simultaneous false alarms in the Gates state of the art security system by hacking into it from within the gates. With the false alarms occupying the police as a diversion, he could shut down the system on the otherside of town and rob those places unmolested as the residents were at that night's football game. He was able to get around the best efforts of Leigh Turner, a police officer and the On Site Manager in charge of the security system to prevent the tampering. He was using a delivery company, Westport Courier, to smuggle his swag outside of the Gates. Ironically one of the homes he robbed was Turner's and what he stole from Turner's house, ended up being his death warrant, as Leigh came to his house and waited for him to come home after being released on bail and killed him. He had stated he did look into the box but would take her secret to the grave as all the charges against him him are dropped. She told him that he will do just that take the secret to his grave, apologized to him and then shot him twice with a silencer equiped pistol. (Breach)

He was found dead in his apartment in Franklin Park with a shot to his head, and the Franklin PD is ruling it as a home burglary gone bad. (Nick's Notes #103)


He apeared to be a upstanding solid citizen but really was a criminal with a taste for antiques and hierlooms, who at the cost of his life, was not above extortion.