Alex Dupree
Alex Dupree
*Barbara Jansen (ex-wife)
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Alex Dupree is a Gates Resident and was the ex-husband of Barbara Jansen.

Chief Nick Monohan questioned him about his relationship with Barbara and who might have wanted to kill her. Alex stated that she frequented a bar outside The Gates. After re-starting the investigation again from square one Nick was told by Eddie about an accident report at the B&G Dress shop made about a hit and run to a resident's car at the night of the murder. Nick discovered that Alex Dupree had damaged to his bumper and fender repaired recently, including green paint buffed out. The resident, Mrs. Davidson had complained that a car had damaged her car-which was green in color-while it was parked in a parking space on Main Steet near the B&G Dress Shop the night of the murder. Confronted with the evidence Dupree confessed, saying that it was not his intent to kill her. Instead he went to the dress shop to win her back. She refused she tried to walk away from him. He tried to stop her. She pulled away from his grasp but in doing so twisted her ankle in her heels and stumbled against a metal and glass display case, hitting her head severely. He heard a sound and he rushed away from the scene. Monohan arrested Dupree on suspicion of murder. (Jurisdiction)



  • "My ex-wife always told me appearance is everything in The Gates."

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