Charlie Monohan
Charlie Monohan
High school student at The Gates Academy
*Nick Monohan (father)
*Sarah Monohan (mother)
*Dana Monohan (sister)
* Andie Bates (ex-girlfriend)
*Mia Mueller (friend)
Half-Human Half-Demon
By Devon (black magic) Summer 2010
Significant Spells
Significant Kills
Summer of 2010
Cause of Death
Killed By
Several responsible: *Devon (immediate cause, suffocation)
*Andie (accidently drawing out his life energy)
*Brett for stealing Andie's medicine

Charlie Monohan is the son of Nick Monohan and Sarah Monohan. He originally starts the series as a human. He doesn't know what to make of the exclusive new school he finds himself at in The Gates. He is used to braving the halls of one of Chicago's toughest public schools, and the fact that the move wasn't his choice doesn't make matters any easier. Charlie is content to keep to himself in this new community, as he is loner by nature, but he seems willing to make an exception in the case of his evolving friendship with Andie Bates. He doesn't know yet that she is actually a succubus and she almost killed him twice.

To protect him from from her Andie break ups with him and comes back with her ex-boyfriend Brett (Dog Eat Dog). Lexie a girl who likes Brett begins to going out with Charlie to make Andie and Brett jealous. (Identity Crisis)

Lexie later tells him that it was Andie who made him sick and Charlie confronts her about this and she admits it (but without telling exactly who) but says that she is taking a medication that will make her better but Charlie decides its too much for him to handle and walks away. (Little Girl Lost)

Charlie and Andie rekindle their relationship, when the Monohans decide to move from the Gates, Charlie runs away with Andie. Taking refuge in a cabin they decide to consummate their relationship, Andie inadvertently feeds off injuring him severely. Brett and Lexi find him and take him to his father. His condition worsens and Peg Muller tells them there's almost no alternative except to turn to Devon.

Devon kills Charlie in order to revive him. Peg warns Dark magic has its consequences, Devon revives Charlie to the relief of his parents. However he comes down a day later and throws his father a few feet with a telekinetic ability much to the surprise and fear of the others, his eyes are red and apparently Devon revived him as a Supernatural being.

Clearly became an incubus


Friendly Smart Sweet Sometimes angry Loyal


Telekinesis- the ability to move objects without touching them