Eddie Barnes
Eddie Barnes
The Gates Police Officer
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Eddie Barnes is one of the police officers that The Gates has on staff. He was the first employee and possible resident of the Gates Police Force his new boss Nick Monohan met when he asked for his name at the entrance gate. He greeted the new Chief enthusiastically if awkwardly. He absent mindedly forgot to ask the new Chief for his identification until Monohan reminded him. Later Claire Radcliff would give him drug laced cookies causing him to fall asleep, enabling Dylan Radcliff to drive Mark Woodbury's pickup/SUV with his body out of the Gates that night after Claire had impulsively killed and drained him of his blood earlier that day. Monohan was dissatisfied with his explanation of eating too many cookies. (Pilot) It is possible this and Monohan's seeing Eddie's performance at the gate is the reason he seems to have been reassigned to headquarters to a desk.

After Barbara Jansen was killed, Nick Monohan has him follow and photograph Dylan Radcliff to see where he goes and who he meets one of them was Gloria Bennett Barbara's business partner. Eddie also repeatedly reminded Monohan of a minor traffic accident that happened to be on the night of the murder, eventually giving him a report as to where it happened, which was near Barbara's business, the scene of the crime. Eventually the Chief put that fact and the fact Barbara's ex husband Alex Dupree had his car repaired whose damage had something in common with the reported traffic accident on the night of the murder and where. Dupree was arrested for Jensen's murder eventually. (Jurisdiction)


He has a affable and gregarious personality along with a adolescent like awkwardness. He is friendly and apparently is well liked by everyone. Despite his absent mindess about checking Monohan's ID after he first arrived He proved to be focus and persistent enough to put on an effective surveillance routine to follow Dylan Radcliff.