Gloria Bennett
Gloria Bennett
*Barbara Jansen (business partner; ex-lover)
*attempted Barbara Jansen; failed
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Gloria Bennett is a vampire living inside The Gates and is the business parter and former lover of Barbara Jansen. Despite being the gossip queen of The Gates, Barbara and Gloria managed to keep their relationship a secret. (Jurisdiction)

Season OneEdit

When Barbara is found dead in their shop by Chief Nick Monohan, he questions Gloria about her relationship with Barbara. At this time Monohan suspectes that Gloria is a vampire due to her reaction to a stray ray of sunlight during his first interview with her and the fact Dylan Radcliff, who was under surveilance by Eddie Barnes went to her house. During the second interview he discovers the truth that they used to be lovers and that Gloria is a vampire. While Gloria fell in love with Barbara, Gloria was just experimenting and went back to dating men. This hurt Gloria giving her a motive to kill Barbara. Gloria admits to being in the shop the night Barbara was killed. She heard someone run out when she found an unconscious Barbara. She then tried to save her by turning her into a vampire, however it was too late. After admitting what happened, Nick wants to bring Gloria in, But Gloria protest that is not going to happen, causing Nick to draw his gun. She explains that if "The Others" think that she killed Barbara, they will kill her for killing within The Gates and walks slowly away from Nick but she's was abducted by The Other. Dylan Radcliff managed to hold them off, however, until Nick could prove to them that Gloria wasn't the one who killed Barbara, which turned oout to be her ex husband Alex Dupree. Dylan and Gloria, now safe, shows up at the station to thank Nick for his help. (Jurisdiction)



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