Joan Ford
Joan Ford
* Alpha's Mate of The Gates Pack
*Simon Ford (husband)
*Lukas Ford (son)
*Coach Ross (pack/friend)
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Cause of Death
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Joan Ford is the wife of Simon Ford and the mother of Lukas Ford, she is part of the pack.

She attended the Gates' Banquet for Homeowners with her husband. When Simon and Ben McAllister got into a fight at the banquet, she and Simon left. Joan wanted to just change the timer for the sprinklers so that it wouldn't cause more hostility between the werewolves and the vampires (which was the point of the fight at the banquet). However, Simon got angry at her for showing weakness and was about to start a fight with her as well had Lukas not come in. Simon left the house quickly. The next morning, Sarah Monohan finds Simon lying on his lawn unconscious. Joan stays by her husband's side at the hospital with Coach Ross by her side, and when interviewed by Nick Monohan she believed that it was Ben McAllister that had attacked her husband.

It was later revealed, after Nick Monohan investigated Simon's attack that Simon often beat Joan. This is what causes Lukas to attack his father when he was drunk and not focused enough for the fight, allowing Lukas to beat his father - which meant that he was the rightful alpha of the pack now. After escaping the hospital, Simon leaves The Gates. (Dog Eat Dog)



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