Karen Crezski
Karen Crezski
*Brett Crezski (son)
*Jeremy Crezski (son, deceased)
*Mr. Crezski (husband, deceased)
*Simon Ford (pack)
*Coach Ross (pack)
*Sarah Monohan (friend)
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Karen Crezski is the mother of Brett Crezski, and runs bake sales for The Gates Academy. She lost her husband and other son, Jeremy, in a "hunting" accident prior to coming to The Gates in which they were the ones who were hunted and killed. This is where her fear of her son "running" comes from, and she is shows to be overprotective towards him. She dislikes the vampires.

Season 1Edit

When Sarah Monohan joins the fundraising council, Karen Crezski is one of the other mothers she meets first and at first the two didn't get along well. However, Karen later decided to confide in Sarah about her fears and what happened to her husband and other son. Karen learns of Brett joining Lukas Ford on runs, which she doesn't like at all because of their past experience. (Breach)

She dislikes Claire Radcliff (and Claire's half of the council) because of the rivalry between Werewolves and Vampires, however she was able to put that behind her temporarily to work with Claire to protect Sarah from Devon Buckley, who is a common enemy between the two women. (Digging the Dirt)

After Simon Ford is attacked one night by an unknown person, Simon wakes up and steals a nurse's phone to call Karen. Later that night, Coach Ross and Karen argue about why she helped him leave. It's revealed that Simon had been harrassing her the last few months (probably to join the pack running like Lukas did to Brett or trying to bed her - it's currently unknown), but none of the other pack members really knew about it. Karen states that Simon knew she would do anything he would ask her to do if it would make him leave her alone. Before they could divulge in talking more, they both heard a disturbance outside the kitchen window. Ross pulls Nick Monohan through the window, and once they realize that he wasn't a vampire, they relaxed and had him put away his gun which he had drawn in self-defense. They quickly explain to him that they were werewolves. They talk for a little bit before Nick realizes he knows exactly who had attacked Simon Ford. (Dog Eat Dog)


She was described by Sarah Monohan as being the "Martha Stuart" of The Gates with her controlling rules for the bake sales. She is overprotective of her Brett since the loss of her husband and her other son, however she is has not been to any of Brett's football games because of her work. (Breach)


  • "I will not let what happened to your father and Jeremy happen to you." (To Brett Crezski)

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