Mark Woodbury
Mark Woodbury
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June 20, 2010
Cause of Death
Drainage of Blood
Killed By

Mark Woodbury, was driving down a street located inside of The Gates when he almost hit Emily Radcliff with his SUV but hit a cement post after he swerved, he suffered a minor head injury that resulted in a open gash above his left eye which got Claire Radcliff's attention after making sure her daughter was safe. After Emily went off to school, Claire invited him into her home under the pretext of patching up his cut. There is flirting between her and Mark. Mark backs down when he learns she is married but Claire expresses disappointment that he gave up so easily and makes it clear her husband will be gone for quite sometime. Thusly Mark is seduced and then bitten by Claire and is drained for his blood, she drinking some right then and there and then draining the rest of him putting his remaining blood in wine bottles for later consumption and hides his body in the wine celler refrigerator. Later Claire's husband Dylan Radcliff comes home and detects something is wrong. He smells the scent of fresh blood on her breath and physically forces his wife to confess what she has done. He is not pleased with his wife's lack of self control.

Woodbury's disappearance causes tension between the Radcliffs and Nick Monohan, the new Police Chief of The Gates after he questions the Radcliffs and detects evasion. Later Dylan and Claire stage his death to look as if wolves had eaten him outside The Gates near a lake. His body hasn`t been found yet. (Pilot) Interestingly when Nick finds out that the Radcliff are vampires he doesn't seem to put two and two together and figured out that Claire kill him but is possible that he just forgot about him and left his murder uncatch.


His time on screen was very brief so his personality cannot be really accurately accessed. He seemed like a honest working man to all the few signs. He did initially turned down Claire's advances after he learned she was married but later succumbed to her seduction. She is a very beautiful woman, playing to this weakness of his. However, it is reasonable assumption that the moment he set foot in Claire's home he was a dead man given Claire's far superior physical strength even if he had attempted to leave.