Robert Jessup
Robert Jessup
* Kat Russo (fiancée)
*Kat Russo (c. 2008)
Significant Spells
Significant Kills
Late May 2010
Cause of Death
Impaled with a Stake to the heart
Killed By

Robert Jessup was a resident at The Gates and a vampire. Robert is one of the vampires that took care of creating passports and other vital documents that Vampires need in order to co-exist with humans and reinvent themselves when the move around. He's helped at least 10,000 people with the inventing themselves, and not just vampires. (Identity Crisis)

Season 1Edit

An FBI agent, Kat Russo, appears in The Gates looking for a suspect in the investigation, they end up finding that Robert Jessup was the suspect. During the investigation, Nick Monohan learns that Robert is a vampire as well and that he was the one that helped Dylan and Claire Radcliff, Ben McAllister, along with Leigh Turner in moving to The Gates. Once Russo had the flash drive that had a list of at least 10,000 names that he helped, she intended to leave. However on her way back to the hotel, she sees that Robert is back home and goes in to confront him. Russo starts a fight with Robert - her revenge on him turning her into a vampire. She wins, by pushing him into an exposed stake-like figure on the wall that went through his heart, killing him. Now that Russo was out of the office, Nick makes Leigh and Marcus investigate Kat Russo and because of this, they learn that Kat Russo and Robert Jessup had been engaged and that Kat was considered dead as far the FBI knows. (Identity Crisis)



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