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About The Gates

Situated in a private mountain location, The Gates is an exclusive private gated community. A portrait of perpetual suburban bliss, the streets are lined with perfectly manicured homes protected by the massive iconic iron gates, but a dark and scintillating secret is buried just beneath the surface of this picturesque neighborhood...

...Something is very different about this place, one might say almost haunting. Relationships will be complicated by friends with unnatural influence, insatiable housewives will struggle with unreasonable cravings, and teenagers will be forced to keep their "beastly" instincts in check. As the Monohans face an uncertain fate, Nick is about to be entrenched in a mystery where he will have to piece together the dark truths about their new home, and the unexplainable forces lurking in the shadows of The Gates.


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Devon is the owner of The Gates' only day-spa. Whether a fabulous facial that might literally make you younger, or miracle cures for everything from crow's feet to stress, Devon's is the place to go in The Gates. She offers very reasonable prices, but the trouble with Devon is that you never quite know what that price will be. Some call her two-faced, others call her enterprising, but everyone knows she is a powerful force within The Gates...


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  • Alaric Saltzman


    October 9, 2010 by Alaric Saltzman

    Hey what happened..13 episode aired..are the're gonna be more and the show is cancelled??

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  • XD1


    June 18, 2010 by XD1

    This show looks like it could be a winner! Up-scale, wholesome, serene family setting as a candy shell, and dark supernatural mysteries for a rich chocolatey center... Can't wait to check it out!

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