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The Monster Within
Season One, Episode Four
Air date July 18, 2010
Written by Gabrielle Stanton
Directed by Paul A. Edwards
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A missing hunter casts unwanted attention on Brett and the pack, creating tension with Coach Ross. Meanwhile Nick and Dylan try to put their differences aside during The Gates Father/Daughter Dance, with mixed results; and Andie and Charlie's relationship looks like it's headed for smooth sailing, until an unexpected secret turns everything upside down.

The CastEdit


Guest CastEdit

Featured MusicEdit

  • "Anyone" by Carey Ott
  • "Friends" by Luke Top
  • "Transmit 2 the Angels" by Life of Bianca
  • "Late Night Session" by Ali Love
  • "Wave of Walls" by Casey Shea
  • "Leave The City" by The Shapes

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