What Lies Beneath
Season One, Episode Two
Air date June 27, 2010
Written by Grant Scharbo
Directed by David Barrett
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Nick is uncomfortable with what he learns as he investigates the death of the last Chief of Police. After Claire Radcliff's latest lapse in judgment, she must deal with its ramifications. Brett Crezski tries to work on his relationship with Andie, while she realizes she might have feelings for Charlie.

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Guest CastEdit

Featured MusicEdit

  • "Make You Love Me" by Slow Runner
  • "Anywhere" by Alphastates
  • "Rescue" by Cathy Davey


  • What Lies Beneath; The title of this episode shares it name with the 2000 movie What Lies Beneath, horror/suspense film about a couple whose secrets come to light after a series of supernatural events. The film incorporates many Hitchcockian elements.

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