Zach Ross
Mr. Zach Ross
*Coach of the The Gates Academy Football Team
*Alpha of the The Gates Pack
*Lukas Ford (pack)
*Karen Crezski (pack/friend)
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Coach Zach Ross is the The Gates Academy Football's team coach and a werewolf.

Season OneEdit

When Lukas Ford got shot by a hunter and Brett killed the hunter by accident. He dealt with the aftermath by moving the hunter's dead body a few miles away at Franklin Park. Angry with Brett for not telling him the truth and risking the pack's safety, Ross boots Brett from the Football team. (The Monster Within)

Frank Buckley has a video tape titled "Z. Ross" doing something of significant. (Repercussions)

After the Homeowners Banquet, Simon Ford was found beaten to near death outside his home. Upon investigating Ben McAllister as a possible suspect, Nick Monohan was given Ross's name by McAllister about who would actually have a reason to hurt Simon. Deputy Marcus Jordan reported that Simon had beaten Ross into unconsciousness once but Ross refused to press charges. To Nick, this of course gave Coach Ross motive to beat Simon. Ross however denies that he had hurt Simon as payment, and revealed the fight happened a few months after he came to The Gates which probably means that it was a power battle between the two werewolves - which one was more Alpha - and Simon Ford won the battle. Coach Ross later meets with Karen Crezski sometime after Simon escaped the hospital, and learns the reason why Karen had helped Simon out of the hospital. On his way to interview Karen, Nick hears the two of them arguing, so instead of ringing the door bell, he goes around to the kitchen window to hear more of the arguement, however both Karen and Ross heard him sneaking up. Ross grabs Nick through the window and flings him against the wall. He later apologizes for the action, he had thought Nick was a vampire. He and Karen admit to Nick that they are werewolves and explain that they knew he was there because of their enhanced hearing. This made Nick realize that it had been Simon's son, Lukas Ford, that had beat him - in payment for his beating his mother. However, because Lukas was too young and vulnerable to fend off challenges to his tentative status as Alpha against the older and more experienced werewolves, Coach Ross took up the burden by saying he had beat Simon. He admitted to Nick that a few members of the pack would be a little angry and would need a little convincing, but he would have no problems with convincing them (which probably means he would have to beat them at a fight). Ross later thanks Nick for his help. (Dog Eat Dog)